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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Reports On Financial Aid For Immigrants

Written by Berkowitz

Protesting Immigrants

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC knows from decades of legal experience that education and information are the keys to avoiding personal injury in many cases. That’s why it’s so important for immigrants and members of the Hispanic community to have access to education and financial aid.

Ahora hay muy buenas noticias para inmigrantes estudiando en Connecticut: Gobernador Dan Malloy y el presidente del Senado Martin Looney quieren que los estudiantes indocumentados de Connecticut reciban acceso abierto a obtener ayuda financiera. Back in 2011, “Dreamers,” as the children of undocumented immigrants who attended Connecticut public schools are sometimes called, were given the right to pay in-state tuition at state colleges. But even with that benefit, the cost was still a barrier to many. That’s what Looney’s bill is seeking to change.

Looney was quoted as saying, “Having created the opportunity for greater equity for in-state tuition, the next step is to provide access to some financial aid, especially the financial aid that is based upon student fees or the institutional financial aid that is based upon the fees that students pay into and it’s certainly equitable for them to be able to access financial aid based upon the fact that they are paying tuition into that fund.”

Además, el gobernador Malloy presentó recientemente una propuesta de ley que acortaría de cuatro a dos años el plazo necesario para que los estudiantes indocumentados sean elegibles para la matrícula estatal.

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC knows that with more access to education, immigrant groups will gain the knowledge that can help them stay safe and healthy and to avoid, when possible, medical malpractice injuries and personal injuries.

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