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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Lauds The Child Guidance Center

Written by Berkowitz

child guidance

The children and adolescents of Southern Connecticut are fortunate to have the resources of an organization dedicated to strengthening families and helping children with mental and emotional problems achieve their potential: The Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut. This organization is a professionally staffed outpatient mental health center for young people who experience psychological, behavioral, developmental, social or family problems. It’s a non-profit that Berkowitz and Hanna LLC is proud to support.

Being able to contribute to an organization like The Child Guidance Center is the reason the firm started its charitable fund years ago. The organization’s professionals work tirelessly to help those in need, offering emergency mobile psychiatric services, a child sexual abuse response team, multi-dimensional family therapy and community education. And that’s just a few of their many programs and services. As The Child Guidance Center celebrates its 60th year, Berkowitz and Hanna LLC continues to support its great work in the community.