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Russ Berkowitz Files Lawsuit in Stamford Superior Court Against Greenwich Internal Medicine Physician

Written by Berkowitz

Stethoscope and gavel

Russ Berkowitz has filed a lawsuit in Stamford Superior Court against a Greenwich Internal Medicine physician on behalf of the estate of a 59 year old client who died of a heart attack shortly after complaining to said defendant doctor of episodes of shortness of breath which were scaring her. According to the lawsuit, the defendant physician advised our client that her complaints were merely allergy related and discharged her, despite our client’s worrisome complaints, a medical history of high cholesterol and diabetes, her weight and history of smoking, and family history of cardiovascular disease. The lawsuit alleges that the defendant doctor failed to consider that heart disease was the reason for her shortness of breath, failed to timely refer our client to a cardiologist or hospital to evaluate our client for heart disease, despite her obvious signs and/ or symptoms of said disease, and improperly discharged our client from her care without any plan or recommendation for follow-up evaluations concerning her shortness of breath symptoms. As a result of the defendant’s negligence, our client’s condition deteriorated shortly thereafter and she sustained a massive heart attack at work and died.