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Russ Berkowitz Files Lawsuit Against Danbury Birthing Center in Danbury Superior Court

Written by Berkowitz

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Russ Berkowitz has filed a lawsuit against a Danbury Birthing Center in Danbury Superior Court on behalf of the estate of a baby boy who died following delivery as a result of the negligence of a midwife and student nurse who failed to recognize during an 8 hour labor that our client was in fetal distress and needed to be transferred to a hospital for an emergency c-section. In addition, following delivery, the midwife, student nurse, and another nurse from the Birthing Center failed to properly resuscitate our client, and, as a result, our client was without oxygen for a significant period of time, suffered severe brain damage and subsequently died. According to Berkowitz “this event is inexplicable and our client’s death should have never happened.”