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Russ Berkowitz and Erik Siegel Settle Medical Malpractice Case on Behalf of 60 Year Old Female Client

Written by Berkowitz

Surgical room

Russ Berkowitz and Erik Siegel have just settled a medical malpractice case on behalf of a 60 year old female client who sustained catastrophic intestinal injuries following weight loss surgery as a result of a radiologist’s failure to diagnose an anastomotic leak on an Upper GI series prior to her discharge from the hospital. Following her discharge from the hospital, the undiagnosed leak caused our client’s condition to deteriorate to the extent that she went into septic shock and was forced to be readmitted to the hospital where she underwent emergency bariatric surgery. Unfortunately, because of her delayed diagnosis and treatment, our client’s condition continued to deteriorate which necessitated her undergoing additional procedures and she was required to use a feeding tube for over two years. Our client, a nurse, may need her stomach completely removed as a result of ongoing bleeding issues and she is totally disabled from working. The terms of the settlement are confidential.