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Russ Berkowitz and Christina Hanna Settlement

Written by Berkowitz

Hospital workers

Russ Berkowitz and Christina Hanna have just been awarded a substantial settlement against the owner and operator of a motor vehicle that violently struck our clients’ motor vehicle head-on causing our clients to sustain severe and permanent injuries.

At the time of the accident, our client was seven months pregnant and the force of the impact to our clients’ motor vehicle caused her to strike her abdomen against her steering wheel. Following the accident, she was taken to the hospital by ambulance in tremendous pain and on her way to the hospital, our client went into premature labor which ultimately required her to deliver her baby by emergency c-section.

Unfortunately, upon delivery, our infant client was diagnosed with skull fractures and brain hemorrhages that necessitated her being transported to a Children’s Hospital for life-saving treatment where she underwent multiple brain surgeries to save her life. After 4 years of rigorous neurological and physical therapy for her hemiparesis and cognitive sequelae, our infant client is doing better but not fully recovered. She is expected to have Attention Deficit Disorder and learning disabilities as she progresses through school.

In addition, our client’s mother sustained a fractured pelvis, multiple rib fractures, and a serious leg injury as a result of the accident and missed 6 months from work following the accident.

The terms of the settlement for both of our clients are confidential.