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More Protections For Immigrants In Connecticut, Explains The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC

Written by Berkowitz

Man in Handcuffs

As of December 15th, “Connecticut has the strongest protection against detainer requests in the nation. No state has done more to protect immigrants and families than Connecticut,” according to Yale Law School professor Michael Wishnie, as quoted in the Connecticut Post. Today, Berkowitz and Hanna LLC wants to share an update related to immigration law here in Connecticut with the local communityNingún otro estado ha hecho más que Connecticut para proteger a los migrantes y sus familias.

Now, if a person is arrested in Connecticut in connection with anything from a motor vehicle accident to a landlord dispute, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer requests will only be honored if accompanied by a judicial warrant or if the person arrested has a past felony conviction. This action comes after activist groups in Connecticut like Unidad Latina en Acción rallied and petitioned in response to the arrest of Esvin Lima of Norwalk, who has been held in custody since March after a landlord dispute.

A previous program called Secure Communities was eliminated as part of President Obama’s immigration overhaul. That program had led to the deportation of more than 375,000 people, 770 in Connecticut, according to data provided by ICE.

As these legal issues continue to evolve, Berkowitz and Hanna LLC intends to continue to post information about new laws relating to immigrants in the state of Connecticut. Los mantendremos informados.