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Hispanic Immigrants May Not Seek Medical Care, Reports The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC

Written by Berkowitz

Hispanic DoctorAccording to some experts, immigration enforcement policies have a negative impact on Hispanic immigrant health—and that is true for both undocumented and documented individuals. Berkowitz and Hanna LLC reports on a recent article about this issue. Según algunos expertos, las políticas de control migratorio tienen un impacto negativo en la salud de immigrants hispanos – esta realidad tanto para los individuosindocumentados y documentados.

The American Journal of Public Health reported that fear of enforcement policies, coupled with a lack of understanding of immigration law, prevents many Hispanic immigrants from seeking timely health care. Participants in the study feared immigration enforcement policies and delayed or avoided health services, endangering their own health and that of their families.

“During the research, Rhodes and his team found Hispanic participants were fearful of immigration law because they knew changes were taking place but had no practical understanding of their rights or if they would be impacted.”

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC litigates medical malpractice cases routinely and sees how, sometimes, a failure to seek timely medical attention can cause injuries, damage and even death. As members of the Hispanic community navigate the new immigration laws, they should remember to make their health a priority and not fear deportation if they have not committed a crime. Como miembros de la comunidad hispana que empiezan a navegar las nuevas leyes de inmigración, es importante hacer de su salud una prioridad y no tener miedo de la deportación si no han cometido un delito.

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