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Do Healthcare Providers Have a Responsibility to Help Make Healthcare More Affordable?

Written by Berkowitz

The cost of medical care is a topic of controversy among healthcare providers, some of whom say they believe there should not be a price put on patient care. According to reports, one in three doctors feel that it is not his or her responsibility to keep the cost of medical care down or to educate their patients about their options.

According to an article published by the Boston Globe, some doctors argue that it should not be up to them to reduce costs for patients. In fact, according to the article, when medical societies are asked to identify unnecessary procedures that are overused and may be eliminated (in some cases), many of the members evaded the question or listed procedures or services that their members don’t provide. This, according to critics, is an attempt to protect their members’ bottom lines, not their patients.

The Boston Globe article used an example of a woman who wouldn’t undergo an important procedure that could have potentially saved her life due to concerns over cost. The woman, reportedly, was directed by her doctor to get an ultrasound to confirm his belief that she may have an ectopic pregnancy. According to the article, the woman refused to have any tests done until she knew how much it would cost, despite knowing that her life may be in danger.

According to the article, the doctor who shared the story, Dr. Neel Shah, is part of a growing movement to get more doctors to consider the cost of their treatments. Like Dr. Shah, many American doctors argue that doctors should educate themselves on the cost of treatments and should openly discuss these things with their patients.

This topic brings up a largely debated issue surrounding cost versus patient care. Unfortunately, many of today’s healthcare providers believe that they don’t have a responsibility to protect their patients from the burden of expensive medical treatments. But, those on the opposing side of the fence believe that it is their responsibility to provide the best care for their patients, which includes cutting down their costs when possible, to allow more people to get the care they need without feeling the financial stress.

The Connecticut medical malpractice lawyers of Berkowitz and Hanna LLC believe that healthcare providers do have a responsibility to help patients get the best medical treatment possible. We believe that doctors should pay attention to the cost of care and should cut back on unnecessary procedures when possible to make treatment more affordable for everyone.