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Federal Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Against Yale-New Haven Hospital

Written by Berkowitz

A New Haven bus driver filed a $2 million federal malpractice lawsuit against the Yale-New Haven hospital, alleging that the facility’s professionals did not appropriately treat his priapism in a timely fashion.

Priapism is a painful health complication in which an erection persists without stimulation for more than 4 hours. Priapism requires immediate medical treatment for the best chances of recovering full function of the organ.

According to court documents, the bus driver, Daren Scott, started experiencing priapism while working in April 2009. Once he dropped off his passengers, he went to the emergency room where he was forced to wait in pain for hours.

Despite alerting the staff to his pain, he was allegedly ignored. He claims that the staff was watching a sports event on T.V. instead of than assisting him or other patients.

When he was treated, Scott alleges that the doctor did not properly administer the medication, that a urologist or other expert was not brought in to assess the condition, and that the surgery he eventually underwent failed to treat his pain.

Scott filed a federal malpractice lawsuit against the Yale-New Haven hospital.

Source: NewsChannel5

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