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Connecticut Woman Tragically Loses Husband After Depression Misdiagnosis

Written by Berkowitz

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Doctors, nurses, psychologists, or anyone with medical training should be equipped with the proper knowledge and resources to help patients in need. When a doctor recognizes health concerns outside their specialization, they should guide the patient to the appropriate professionals for help.

All medical professionals should be adept at identifying signs of mental health struggles and effectively communicating with patients to navigate the next steps. Unfortunately, 71-year-old Gregory Merigliano Jr. did not have such a doctor. Consequently, his health issues were not dealt with adequately, and he died by suicide just days after an appointment with a physician.

Understanding Merigliano’s Depression Misdiagnosis

Merigliano informed a neurologist at Hartford HealthCare that he was “moving slowly, dragging his feet, shuffling, and feeling lethargic” and was also experiencing “a loss of appetite and weight loss.” Dr. Benjamin J. Dorfman diagnosed Merigliano with Parkinson’s disease, prescribed medication, and sent him on his way.

In response, Marie Merigliano, Gregory’s widow, filed a lawsuit in Superior Court in Bridgeport, alleging that her husband’s health concerns were not adequately addressed. Given that Merigliano expressed a lack of interest and enthusiasm and a loss of appetite and weight loss, the lawsuit asserts that Dr. Dorfman and Hartford HealthCare misdiagnosed Merigliano with Parkinson’s disease and failed to explore alternative causes for his symptoms, such as depression and anxiety.

Crucially, Dorfman overlooked Merigliano’s family history of depression and suicide. The misdiagnosis suit emphasizes the need for a comprehensive assessment, including neuroimaging, lab studies, and follow-up visits.

Discuss Misdiagnosis Concerns With a Compassionate Attorney

While Gregory Merigliano’s tragic mistreatment cannot be undone, Attorney Jennifer L. Amdur is representing his estate as well as his wife to fight for the justice they deserve.

If you suspect that a provider’s negligent misdiagnosis led to you or a loved one suffering serious harm, do not hesitate to contact us at Berkowitz Hanna. We have extensive experience handling cases like these, and we are prepared to fight for what is right.

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