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Couple Loses Son Due to Birth Injuries Suffered During Home Birth

Written by Berkowitz

A couple in Houston, Texas lost their son just before the age of 3 due to severe birth injuries he suffered during a home birth. According to an article published by My FOX 26, the couple’s midwife refrained from calling an ambulance when complications arose during the home birth.

The midwife failed to call for help when the mother began bleeding heavily during delivery on May 18, 2010. According to reports, a placenta abruption left their baby with severe birth injuries that resulted in his inability to crawl, stand, walk or talk. He died from his injuries just before he turned 3.

The couple told My FOX 26 that they hope their story would spread awareness to other families considering home births and would prompt the state to set stricter guidelines for midwives such as requiring that they have insurance.

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