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Erik Siegel

Serving Stamford, Danbury, Bridgeport, Shelton and all of Connecticut

Erik Siegel, Esq.Erik Siegel’s practice is focused on representing clients who have suffered life-altering injuries or lost loved ones due to medical malpractice throughout Connecticut. He is a dedicated and focused advocate for his clients, motivated by the struggles he sees his clients go through on a daily basis and a desire to help improve their lives moving forward.

Since joining Berkowitz and Hanna LLC, Erik has worked diligently on recovering significant monetary damages on behalf of his clients. He has handled a wide range of complex medical malpractice claims and has been involved in all aspects of building a successful case, from questioning medical providers and experts to putting on a winning case at trial. Among the types of cases that Erik has helped obtained resolution on or is currently pursuing include birth injury claims, post-surgical complications, failures to timely diagnose and treat cancer, emergency room and other hospital errors, psychiatric malpractice, malpractice claims due to the mistakes of the Veterans Administration, and nursing home negligence.

Some of the recent recoveries Erik’s efforts helped the firm secure for our clients include: (1) a $500,000.00 medical malpractice recovery on behalf of an 85 year old female client who fell out of a hospital bed and sustained a brain bleed that required emergency surgery as a result of the hospital’s physicians and nurses failing to properly supervise our client’s care, (2) a $935,000.00 medical malpractice settlement on behalf of a female client who progressed to septic shock following hernia surgery and ultimately underwent emergency surgery to remove part of her abdomen as a result of her surgeon’s failure to timely diagnose that he had perforated our client’s bowel during her hernia surgery, (3) an $825,000.00 medical malpractice wrongful death settlement on behalf of the estate of a baby that died at birth as a result of the negligent failure of a hospital and obstetrician to timely deliver our client despite signs and symptoms of her fetal distress, (4) a $937,500.00 medical malpractice wrongful death settlement on behalf of the estate of a 69 year old client against a gastroenterologist and radiologist for failing to timely diagnose her colon cancer before the disease had progressed to an incurable stage, (5) a $1.3 million dollar settlement in a wrongful death action on behalf of a client who tragically died after her psychiatrist and therapist failed to take steps to get her the help she needed despite clear evidence she was at risk of suicide, (6) a $5.25 million dollar medical malpractice settlement on behalf of a female client who suffered a catastrophic brain hemorrhage as a result of a failure to diagnose and treat her preeclampsia after she presented to a local hospital in labor, (7) a $ 1.35 million dollar medical malpractice wrongful death settlement on behalf of the estate of a 71 year old female who died at the hospital following the failure to timely recognize and treat a surgical bleed that developed during a routine lung examination procedure, (8) a settlement on behalf of a 60 year old man who died at a short-term rehab facility while recovering from brain surgery after he was improperly monitored and allowed to leave the facility despite his compromised mental state due to surgery, and (9) a settlement on behalf of a 52 year old man who presented to a local Veterans Administration hospital with acute appendicitis and was misdiagnosed with a rare medical condition that led to unnecessary surgeries and catastrophic complications that left him with a severely disfigured abdomen and the removal of most of his colon.

Erik is licensed to practice law in Connecticut. He is an active member of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, the American Association of Justice, and supportive of various community service organizations in the area. Erik was recently honored as a Connecticut and New England Super Lawyers Rising Star in 2018.

Erik graduated from the University of Florida Levin College of Law, cum laude. While in law school, Erik worked in the in-house legal department of a large teaching and research hospital and also clerked for a civil court judge.

Erik currently resides in Stamford, Connecticut.

If you would like to meet or speak with Attorney Siegel, you may call or email him at [email protected].

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