A 10-year old girl was awarded $3 million in a birth injury case on Thursday, June 30, 2011. Hannah Tilton was born with severe mental retardation. She has to eat through a feeding tube and is limited to a wheelchair. She is also blind and cannot speak.

The girl’s father filed suit claiming that the midwife who helped deliver her failed to provide adequate care. The jury came to a 6-3 vote in favor of the plaintiff.

Hannah Tilton was awarded $2.3 million for medical care and long-term treatment costs, $345,000 for past medical bills and $500,000 for her permanent disability and loss of quality of life.

Civil juries are required to reach a majority opinion based on preponderance of evidence and are not required to reach a unanimous decision as in a criminal trial.

When doctors, nurses, midwives, or other healthcare providers fail to provide a certain standard of care before, during or after the delivery of a baby, the parents can bring lawsuits on behalf of their injured children.

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