Stamford Robotic Surgery Malpractice Lawyer

People today benefit significantly from advances in medical technology. Doctors today are able to perform many surgeries and procedures that would not have been possible in prior years. One of the most groundbreaking developments in medical technology has been the use of robotic technology during surgery. Robotic-assisted surgeries are becoming increasingly common. Unfortunately, sometimes problems occur during or after these surgeries.

If you believe you or your loved one became ill or hurt because of the use of a robotic device during surgery, you could be eligible for compensation. A Stamford robotic surgery malpractice lawyer can assess your case and help you pursue the payments you deserve. To learn more, get in touch with a surgery malpractice attorney at Berkowitz Hanna.

How Robotics Technology Works in Stamford Operations

In robotics-enabled surgery, doctors insert a device into a patient’s body. The surgeon can then control and guide the device by using a computer and other technology. Robotics technology allows doctors to perform surgeries less invasively, often resulting in less risk of injury and post-surgical complications to the patient. Instead of making a large incision during surgery, robotics allows surgeons to make a small incision. The incision only needs to be large enough to fit in the small robotic device. With a smaller incision, patients face a lower risk of post-surgical infections and a shortened recovery period. In addition, the device can often go into smaller cavities of a patient’s body that a doctor could not reach with their hands.

Another advantage is that the robotic instruments are uniformly steady, meaning there could be less risk of manual doctor errors like a hand slipping. Doctors use robotics technology in many types of surgery today, such as gallbladder and kidney stone removal surgeries, hysterectomies, hip replacements, coronary bypass surgery, and prostate surgery.

Just because the surgeries are relatively new is no excuse for negligent care. Anyone who suspects that a doctor’s negligence during a robotic operation led to serious harm should consult with an experienced Stamford attorney.

Potential Problems with Robotic-Assisted Operations in Stamford

Because doctors have not used robotic-assisted technology for very long inside operating rooms, not all doctors know how to perform these procedures safely.

Lack of Uniform Training

Older doctors might not have received training on these procedures while in medical school, and surgeons working in smaller hospitals might not have had the opportunity to observe or assist in performing them. As a result, the training procedures surrounding robotic technology in the operating room might not be uniform, which could result in dangers for patients.

Lack of Touch

Another potential problem is that experienced doctors often use their sense of touch during surgeries. When a surgeon uses a robotic device, they cannot tell how much pressure they are applying to an organ or body part, and they cannot manually observe the body part’s texture.

Showing that a Surgeon Was Negligent

A poor surgical outcome alone is not enough to file a malpractice suit. For a doctor to be held legally accountable for their negligence, a lawyer will need to establish that the doctor did not act as other doctors with similar experience and training would have under similar circumstances. This is known as violating the “standard of care.” A seasoned Stamford attorney can collect the necessary evidence to prove that a surgeon violated the standard of care during robotic surgery.

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Malpractice cases are always complicated. When they involve cutting-edge technology, they are even more complex. If you suspect you suffered harm because a surgeon made a mistake during your robotics-assisted surgery, you might be eligible to collect fair compensation.

A seasoned Stamford robotic surgery malpractice lawyer understands how to help. At Berkowitz Hanna, our award-winning medical malpractice team has the practical understanding, skills, and qualifications necessary to fight for you. We are prepared to stand up for you and get you what you need. Schedule your free consultation today to get started.