Shelton Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

A cancer diagnosis can turn your world on its head. Often in these cases, early diagnosis and treatment is key. A delay in diagnosis could mean that it is too late to take advantage of certain therapies and could result in a more rapid spread of the disease.

If a doctor misdiagnoses your cancer, you might need to endure a more difficult treatment plan, which could be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating to your family. Fortunately, there could be legal relief available. A Shelton cancer misdiagnosis lawyer could help you pursue legal action and seek fair payments for your losses.

Factors that Could Lead to a Cancer Misdiagnosis

There are often a wide variety of factors that can cause a doctor to make a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis of cancer. Most of the time, these mistakes occur because a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional committed one of the following negligent acts:

  • Misinterpreting lab test result
  • Ignoring a patient’s complaints during an appointment
  • Looking at a patient’s symptoms and incorrectly identifying another illness
  • Not getting a complete medical history from the patient, which could show a family history of a particular type of cancer
  • Lack of follow up care with a patient to see if certain symptoms have improved or worsened

Sometimes cancer misdiagnoses involve instances where a doctor incorrectly tells a healthy patient that they have cancer. This could force them to endure invasive, painful, and costly treatments. Other cancer misdiagnoses involve late diagnoses, where a patient’s cancer has time to spread, which could diminish their quality of life and even shorten their lifespan. A dedicated Shelton attorney could work diligently to prove how a cancer misdiagnosis occurred and who at fault.

Pursuing a Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawsuit

To prevail in a claim in court, a patient or their family members need to prove that the doctor who missed their cancer diagnosis committed medical malpractice. Proving malpractice consists of a few key steps.

Establishing a Physician-Patient Relationship

First, an individual and their attorney will need to produce evidence of an established physician-patient relationship. This relationship would show that the doctor owed the patient a duty of care. A Shelton attorney could help an individual get copies of proof of doctor’s visits from their insurance company and obtain copies of their medical records from the physician in question.

Showing A Provider’s Negligence

The patient would then need to demonstrate how the doctor was negligent. An attorney could meet with medical experts and gather evidence to prove that another doctor with a similar background and training would have acted differently in the same circumstances. A patient would also need to show that the doctor’s error led to actual harm. An experienced attorney in Shelton could use evidence such as medical bills and expert testimonies to help an individual demonstrate the harm caused by a doctor’s mistake.

Discuss Your Case with a Shelton Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

When a doctor makes a mistaken diagnosis that allows cancer to worsen, they could be liable for your resulting losses. If you are suffering as a result of a medical provider’s negligence, speak with a Shelton cancer misdiagnosis lawyer right away. Our compassionate team at Berkowitz Hanna could help you pursue justice and hold the at-fault provider responsible for their actions. Call today to speak with a seasoned professional about your legal options.