New London Truck Accident Lawyer

Bisected by Interstate 95 and home to one of Connecticut’s three deepwater ports, New London sees a high volume of commercial truck traffic on a daily basis. While most trucks come and go without incident, New London still has a high number of serious and fatal truck accidents each year. If you have been seriously injured or a member of your family has been killed in one of these accidents, it is important that you speak with a New London truck accident lawyer about your legal rights.

At Berkowitz Hanna, our attorneys handle serious and fatal truck accident cases in New London and throughout Connecticut. With decades of experience, our New London truck accident lawyers are well-versed in all aspects of these complex cases. We conduct comprehensive investigations focused on uncovering the specific causes of our clients’ injuries and their loved ones’ deaths, and we fight relentlessly to secure just compensation in settlement negotiations and at trial.

What Do You Need to Know About Protecting Your Legal Rights After a Truck Accident?

If you need to seek financial compensation after a commercial truck accident in New London, there are several important facts you need to know. Most importantly, help is available, and our attorneys are prepared to fight to win the compensation you deserve.

1. You Will Not Be Able to Handle Your Case on Your Own

First, you will not be able to handle your truck accident case on your own. While we do not recommend handling ordinary auto accident insurance claims without the advice of an attorney, we know that many people still do. However, pursuing a commercial truck accident claim is a different matter entirely, and hiring an experienced attorney is your only realistic option for recovering your accident-related losses.

2. Trucking Companies Vigorously Dispute Claims for Liability

In truck accident cases, trucking companies vigorously dispute liability. The reason for this is simple: They do not want to set a precedent that encourages more lawsuits in the future. The trucking company is not necessarily concerned about your case itself – even though your losses may be significant to you – but it is concerned about its aggregate liability if plaintiffs’ lawyers know that it will resolve accident victims’ claims without a fight.

3. You Are Entitled to Compensation for Your Financial and Non-Financial Losses

Connecticut law entitles truck accident victims and families who have lost loved ones to recover compensation (or “damages”) for their financial and non-financial losses. This includes current and future medical expenses, loss of income, post-traumatic stress, pain and suffering, loss of consortium and companionship, and loss of enjoyment of life. In cases involving severe traumatic injuries and wrongful death, victims’ and families’ claims will often be substantial, and proving these losses will be a crucial step on the road to recovery.

4. Multiple Companies Could Share Liability for Your Losses

The trucking company is not the only company that may be liable for your losses. While many commercial truck accidents involve the truck driver and trucking company negligence, a significant number of cases involve other issues as well. For example, the following are all issues for which other companies may be legally responsible:

  • The truck was defective
  • Your vehicle was defective
  • The truck was loaded dangerously or with dangerous cargo
  • The truck had not been properly maintained
  • Another driver contributed to causing the accident
  • An issue with the road caused you, your loved one or the truck driver to lose control

5. These Are All Areas in Which an Attorney Experienced in Handling Truck Accident Cases Can Help

From identifying the liable parties to proving your damages and fighting for just compensation on your behalf, an experienced New London truck accident attorney can assist with all aspects of your claim. Additionally, at Berkowitz Hanna, our skilled legal team assists our clients in other ways as well, from helping them find trustworthy doctors to dealing with their creditors while their truck accident claims are pending.

If you need help recovering after a commercial truck accident in New London, we encourage you to get in touch. Your initial consultation is completely free and 100% confidential, and you only pay if we win.

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