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The Berkowitz and Hanna LLC is an experienced and successful law firm that represents victims of personal injury and medical malpractice throughout the state of Connecticut. Our job is to hold doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies accountable to the letter of the law – and to get ailing patients the financial recoveries that they need to move on with their lives.

Medical malpractice is a recurring problem in Connecticut. While it is true that not every medical complication can be pinned on someone’s negligence, many cases do ultimately come down to a doctor or some other professional failing to uphold their industry’s high standard of care.

The law takes that standard seriously. While filing a medical malpractice lawsuit isn’t easy, patients with a legitimate claim often stand to recover substantial sums of money for their suffering. An experienced Greenwich medical malpractice lawyer can help to make those claims successful.

We are very proud of our track record as advocates for injured patients in The Constitution State. We respect doctors, and we know that they almost always mean well. But the reality is that when medical experts drop the ball, innocent people’s lives can forever be changed. That’s why it is so important to hold doctors accountable, as well as the corporations that employ them and the insurance companies that indemnify them.

If you or a close family member has suffered as a result of medical negligence, the experienced Greenwich medical malpractice lawyers at Berkowitz and Hanna LLC may be able to help. Before you talk with representatives from the hospital or insurance companies, give our law firm a call. We’re happy to offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to talk about your options. We’re here to help. Give us a call today.

Do I Have a Medical Malpractice Case Under Connecticut Law?

Doctors don’t always get things right, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are liable for medical or hospital malpractice. After all, some health conditions simply can’t be detected or cured, despite a doctor’s very best efforts. Liability generally arises only when the doctor fails to use his or her best efforts.

If you’re less than satisfied with the treatment that you’ve received from a medical professional, you might be wondering whether you have a malpractice case on your hands. You aren’t alone in that.

In reality, while not every medical mistake or shortcoming amounts to medical malpractice, many of these mistakes do. If you suspect malpractice in your situation, it’s a good idea to speak with an experienced Greenwich medical malpractice lawyer in your jurisdiction as soon as possible.

The following scenarios would all typically meet the legal standards for medical malpractice in Connecticut. A Greenwich medical malpractice attorney at Berkowitz and Hanna LLC can help with these or any other cases of malpractice:

  • Making mistakes during surgery
  • Performing unnecessary surgery without consent
  • Leaving foreign objects inside the body
  • Failure to diagnose serious or life-threatening conditions
  • Birth injuries
  • Nursing home abuse/neglect
  • Errors when reading test results or prescribing medications
  • Providing medication or surgery to the wrong patient
  • Failure to monitor a patient’s ongoing health / provide follow-up care
  • Anesthesiologist negligence
  • Weight loss surgery malpractice
  • Wrongful death
  • More

Not sure whether the facts in your situation are sufficient to support formal legal action? Curious as to how much you might stand to recover if you move forward? Let us help you make that determination.

You can talk with a Greenwich medical malpractice lawyer in our office at no cost (and with no obligations) – just ask for a free consultation.

Contact a Greenwich Medical Malpractice Attorney as Soon as Possible

Do you suspect that a healthcare provider’s negligence has been responsible for your physical suffering, a decline in health, or the loss of a loved one? If so, please contact a Greenwich medical malpractice lawyer at Berkowitz and Hanna LLC right away. We’ve helped many patients and families recover the financial compensation that they deserve – even in medically complicated cases, with losses ranging from moderate to overwhelming.

Our team has effectively challenged the biggest hospitals and insurance companies in the world – and, often, we’ve won. We’d like to do the same for you.

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