Connecticut Fleet Phospho Soda Kidney Failure Lawyer

Studies show that some bowel-cleansing products commonly taken by patients prior to a medical procedure can cause serious harm to the kidneys in addition to other adverse events. Fleet Phospho-soda® is an over-the-counter oral solution that contains the active ingredient sodium phosphate, which is known to pose severe risks to patients.

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Fleet Phospho-soda® Dangers

In 2005, researchers at the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons reported 21 instances of acute kidney/renal failure caused by Fleet Phospho-soda® and similar bowel-cleansing products. Three patients underwent permanent dialysis and one had a kidney transplant.

While sodium phosphate-containing products carry warning labels alerting patients who suffer from decreased kidney function or heart disease to the risks, the 2005 study showed that others could also be affected by severe adverse events.

Patients who have had heart attacks or unstable angina, healthy elderly people, patients using hypertension drugs, and those who are easily dehydrated or don’t drink enough fluid also face an increased risk of suffering kidney damage as a result of using Fleet Phospho-soda®.

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