Bridgeport Wrongful Death Lawyer

The sudden loss of a beloved one can upend the lives of everyone in your family. Morning routines, work, and school schedules automatically change. Getting through each day can be difficult.

Finding out that another person or entity was responsible for your loved one’s death can make the pain of your loss even more devastating. You deserve the chance to obtain justice on behalf of your lost family member. A Bridgeport wrongful death lawyer can help you fight for the accountability your family deserves. Our compassionate injury attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna are dedicated to making things right for you.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

When someone dies, they leave a large void in many other people’s hearts and lives. Many people will grieve their loss and feel the absence of their presence. Spouses miss their everyday companion, children miss the guidance and support provided to them by a parent, parents miss the joy that their children bring to them, and friends miss the friendly smile and helping hand provided to them. Unfortunately, not everybody who suffers after an untimely loss can take legal action.

Every state has different rules regarding who is eligible to bring a wrongful death suit. While some states permit certain family members to file direct claims, Connecticut law restricts the eligibility to file wrongful death suits to the deceased person’s executor. If the decedent had a will, the executor’s name would be in the will. If the decedent died without a valid will in place, the decedent’s estate would need to go through the probate process, and the probate court would name an administrator or executor. A seasoned Bridgeport wrongful death attorney can help a family identify the executor and determine their next steps.

Recovering Wrongful Death Damages

Because the decedent’s executor is the only party who can file a wrongful death lawsuit, the deceased person’s surviving family members might have a harder time obtaining their rightful compensation for losses such as:

  • Medical and funeral expenses
  • The value of the decedent’s lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering from the decedent

If the decedent’s executor succeeds with their legal claim, the damages award from the lawsuit becomes part of the decedent’s estate. Like everything else in the estate, the damages would then be distributed in the manner set forth in the decedent’s estate plan. However, there can be problems that require the assistance of an experienced legal professional.

When most people draft a will, they only consider their actual anticipated assets. They know approximately how much money, real estate, and retirement benefits they have, and they take all those actual amounts into consideration when they draft their will. Not many people make special provisions in their will for unexpected windfalls, like a wrongful death lawsuit’s proceeds. Consequently, some people set forth specific monetary amounts to give to their heirs. If they had known about the additional damages award, they might have given higher amounts to their heirs. Additionally, some people die without wills, leaving the distribution of the estate to Connecticut’s intestate succession laws.

Following the decedent’s wishes and obtaining rightful compensation for a Bridgeport decedent’s heirs can be complicated, which is why working with an experienced wrongful death lawyer is critical.

Contact a Bridgeport Wrongful Death Attorney Right Away

When you lose a loved one, everything changes. In addition to emotional pain, death can bring financial turmoil. Without the support of your loved one’s regular paycheck, you might not be able to make ends meet, and your family might struggle financially.

Contact a Bridgeport wrongful death lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna for the support you need. Let us guide you through the legal steps in order to help you get what you deserve.