Bridgeport Da Vinci Surgical Robot Lawsuits

Many hospitals around the country have purchased da Vinci surgical robot systems to use in their operating rooms. Surgical robots are supposed to help hospitals maximize efficiency and cut down on costs. By shortening the time spent on each procedure, surgeons should be able to meet with more patients. In addition, the da Vinci system was supposed to make recovery easier for patients. However, instead of getting better faster, some patients have been harmed due to the use of the da Vinci system.

If a surgical robotic device injured you or a loved one, you might be eligible to pursue legal and financial restitution through a surgical malpractice claim. Bridgeport da Vinci surgical robot lawsuits have helped people like you who suffered harm because of a robot-assisted operation.

Problems Faced da Vinci Surgical Robot Patients

Manufacturers designed the da Vinci system to make surgeries less invasive. When surgeons use robotic devices, they can often operate on hard-to-reach parts of the body and perform delicate procedures without making a large incision. Because the robotic devices are so small, surgeons can often perform detailed procedures in a far less invasive manner. Hospitals commonly use robot-assisted surgeries to perform gynecological, urological, kidney repair, gallbladder removal, thyroid, and gastric bypass surgeries.

Unfortunately, the da Vinci system does not always work as intended. Patients who have undergone robotic surgeries have reported burns, punctured organs, lacerations, severed nerves, and other types of injuries. Some patients need extensive, invasive follow-up surgeries to repair the damage, and some even suffer fatal injuries. Experienced legal professionals know how physically and emotionally painful medical injuries can be. The Bridgeport attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna can fight for accountability and fair compensation after a da Vinci surgical robot causes harm to a patient.

What Causes Issues With da Vinci Surgical Robots?

Da Vinci system claims can vary greatly in nature. Some problems occur because of surgical staff negligence, while others happen because of the flaws in the robotic device.

Problems Caused by Doctors, Medical Staff, or Hospitals

The da Vinci surgical robot system is not the right option for every patient. Sometimes hospitals use the system in cases where it is not medically necessary or even advisable. Other times, hospitals push their surgeons to use the system even when the surgeons do not know how to use it correctly. Surgeons often operate by using their sense of touch. They cannot feel things in the same way through a robotic arm. Inexperienced and untrained doctors might apply too much pressure, which could result in a laceration or puncture of a blood vessel or organ.

A careless surgeon could be legally responsible for causing injuries to a patient. The hospital that encouraged the surgeon to operate without giving them proper training could also be liable.

Problems Caused by Defective Medical Devices

Medical problems can occur when the surgical robot system itself is faulty, even if surgeons are highly skilled and trained. Injuries can occur if the device moves unexpectedly or pieces break off within a patient’s body. Some claimants have argued that the da Vinci system is inherently unsafe and that the manufacturers should have been aware of the risks and notified patients. An experienced Bridgeport da Vinci system attorney can investigate what happened and help an injured patient determine where to look for compensation.

Discuss da Vinci System Lawsuits With a Knowledgeable Bridgeport Lawyer

People undergo surgery to get better. Unfortunately, this is not always what happens.

If you or a loved one suffered harm after your surgeon performed a robot-assisted surgery, call a local attorney to review your legal rights and see if you are eligible for a Bridgeport da Vinci surgical robot system lawsuit. Our team at Berkowitz Hanna is dedicated to making things right for you, and we will be sure to exhaust all options to get you the compensation you need and deserve. Schedule your free consultation today to get started.