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Stratford Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Our Stratford Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Ready to Help You Recover From A Serious Accident That Can Impact All Aspects of Your Life.

Helmet, mirror and a car lamp between car and motorcycle after terrible road accident.

When you are involved in a serious motorcycle accident, your life can change in an instant. All of a sudden, and without warning, you can find yourself coping with severe traumatic injuries, long-term unemployment, and debilitating pain that never goes away. Your losses can begin to add up quickly, and you can find yourself struggling in ways that you never previously imagined.

If all of this hits close to home, our Stratford motorcycle accident lawyers can help. We have been representing injured riders and their families in Connecticut for decades. We understand the life-altering effects of serious motorcycle collisions, and we know what it means for our clients to recover. If you are entitled to financial compensation for a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence or a product defect, we can fight to hold the responsible parties accountable, and we can use our experience to make sure you have the financial resources and stability you need to move on.

What Are the Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Connecticut?

Despite the common perceptions of motorcycle riders, most riders are not to blame for their own injuries. Most riders stay within their limits and obey the rules of the road, and most never put themselves in harm’s way.

Instead, it is other motorists who present the greatest dangers to motorcycle riders in Connecticut. Driver negligence is a pervasive issue, and most of the motorcycle cases we handle involve negligence-based claims against drivers’ insurance companies. We regularly handle cases involving defects as well; and, when you are riding your motorcycle, even minor issues can lead to devastating consequences.

In order to determine what caused your motorcycle crash, our Stratford motorcycle accident attorneys will need to conduct an investigation as soon as possible. We will need to send a forensic expert to the scene, and we may also need to engage accident reconstructionists, product engineers, and other experts to determine the specific cause of your crash. Generally speaking, however, some of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents and injuries in Connecticut include:

  • Distracted, reckless, impaired, and other forms of negligent driving (i.e. running red lights, merging without looking, and driving too fast for road or traffic conditions)
  • Motorcycle component defects (i.e. defective brake calipers or a defective clutch)
  • Motorcycle safety equipment defects (i.e. improperly-constructed boots or a helmet that does not actually meet DOT or Snell standards)
  • Car, truck, or SUV defects (i.e. defective brakes, lights, or tires)
  • Issues with the road (i.e. issues with the surface material that cause cracks or potholes, rainwater or ice accumulation, poorly-timed traffic signals, and missing signage)

How Do You Prove the Cause of Your Motorcycle Accident in Stratford, CT?

A new motorcycle on a road.When seeking financial compensation after a motorcycle accident, you need to be able to prove the specific cause of your accident and your accident-related injuries. If you cannot prove what happened and who was at fault, then you cannot recover the financial compensation you deserve.

As mentioned above, conducting a comprehensive investigation is a key early step in the process of filing a motorcycle accident claim. This investigation should be conducted as soon as possible—and ideally the same day as the accident or the day after. However, if you have waited to seek help, or if you have been incapacitated as a result of your injuries, it is very possible that the evidence needed to prove liability still exists, and we encourage you to speak with one of our Stratford motorcycle accident attorneys right away.

When we investigate motorcycle accidents, some of the key types of evidence we look for in order to prove our clients’ claims for compensation include:

  • The location and length of skid marks on the road
  • The location and extent of the damage to the motorcycle and the other vehicle involved in the crash (if any)
  • Damage to guardrails, signs, grass, and other objects
  • Road surface conditions
  • Traffic patterns
  • Traffic signal operation (if applicable)
  • Cell phones, cigarettes, bottles, and other evidence of driver negligence

In addition to conducting an on-scene investigation, our attorneys may also seek to gather evidence from other sources. For example, the police report may contain useful information, and the driver’s cell phone or employment records could help establish liability as well.

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