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New Medical Malpractice Trial Following Hospital Suicide

06 May 2011

The Connecticut Appellate Court has ordered a new medical malpractice trial against the psychiatric facility Silver Hill Hospital and a psychiatrist there. The case involves the suicide of a patient, Ruth Farrell, a 41-year-old librarian, who killed herself at the facility. Farrell checked herself into the hospital to get treatment […]

St. Francis Hospital Faces 90 Lawsuits because of Former Employee

28 April 2011

St. Francis Hospital faces more than 90 lawsuits filed by former patients who claim George Reardon, the hospital’s former head of endocrinology, committed acts of child abuse while working for the hospital. Reardon, who died in 1998, allegedly lured young children into his office, sexually assaulted them and had them […]

Connecticut Police Investigate Fatal Vehicle Accident

26 April 2011

Police are investigating a fatal vehicle accident that occurred on Route 110, April 24, 2011. The accident, reportedly, involved a car and two motorcycles. The driver and passenger riding on one of the motorcycles were killed. Police continue to investigate the cause of the accident. The motorcycle driver who died […]

Swimming Pool Maker Found Guilty in Boy’s Death

13 April 2011

The president of a swimming pool company in Stamford, Connecticut pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide, because a six-year-old’s arm got stuck in a pool drain and died. The company should have had a protective device over the powerful pump drain to prevent such a mishap, prosecutors charged. David Lionetti, […]

The Berkowitz Law Firm Donates $100K to The Waterside School

18 February 2011

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC has donated $100,000.00 to The Waterside School in Stamford, Connecticut. The firm also partnered with the school to help defray the cost of capital expenditures, such as the school’s new “Technology Loft” which opened when the new Waterside School building was completed in August of 2011. […]

The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Sponsors Walk to Defeat ALS

18 February 2011

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC sponsored the 2011 ALS of Connecticut “Walk to Defeat ALS” in New Haven on Sept. 11, 2011, New Britain on Sept. 24, 2011, and Westport on Oct. 16, 2011 in an effort to help raise money and awareness to fight this catastrophic disease. The walk drew […]

Mother Files Suit Over Son’s Brain Damage

18 February 2011

A mother has filed suit in Danbury Superior Court against an Obstetrician and Hospital on behalf of her son who sustained a profound brain injury following the defendants’ failure to timely deliver her child despite obvious signs of fetal distress. The family is represented by Russ Berkowitz and Joanne Sheehan.

Mother Files Suit Over Son’s Erb’s Palsy

18 February 2011

A mother of an infant son has filed suit in Danbury Superior Court against an Obstetrician and a Hospital as a result of her child sustaining a permanent brachial plexus injury known as Erb’s Palsy. The lawsuit claims the infant’s injury was caused by improper delivery of the baby. The […]

Family Investigates Mother’s Death at Transportation Center

18 February 2011

The family of a woman who died at the Bridgeport Transportation Center is investigating the untimely death following allegations that 911 failed to respond to security calls for almost 40 minutes following the deceased’s complaints of chest pain. More details to follow as the investigation continues.