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Wrongful Death Case Against Hospital Settled

stethoscope and gavel

Jennifer Amdur and Russ Berkowitz have just settled a medical malpractice wrongful death case against a Connecticut hospital on behalf of a baby who died while under the care of the hospital’s NICU. Our client, a premature baby who was doing quite well, accidentally extubated while being transferred from the nurse to our client’s mom for “kangaroos care.”  Unfortunately, the nurse was unaware of our client’s extubation event because she negligently failed to monitor our client’s vital signs over the next 30 minutes while her oxygen levels started dropping.
By the time the nurse recognized that our client’s oxygen levels were plummeting, our client had arrested and despite efforts by the resuscitation team, she could not be resuscitated before sustaining a fatal anoxic brain injury. According to Amdur, “our client’s family is devastated and miss her terribly. This should never have happened.”
The terms of the settlement are confidential.