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Erik Siegel and Christina Hanna Settle Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Case

gavel and paper with the words wrongful death

Erik Siegel and Christina Hanna have settled a wrongful death medical malpractice case against a Connecticut nursing home on behalf of the estate of a client who was found dead on its grounds two weeks after the nursing home reported him missing to the police. Our client, who had been convalescing in the defendant’s nursing home from a recent brain surgery to remove a brain abscess, was also a high elopement risk due to a pre-existing psychiatric problem. Despite the above and following an altercation with the nursing staff at said defendant’s nursing home, our client remained unsupervised at the nursing home and subsequently eloped from the nursing home as a result of the breakdown of its own rules and regulations controlling the supervision of high risk elopement patients. When our client was found dead of an apparent heart attack on the defendant’s grounds, it was a sad ending to his life.

The case was recently mediated with a judge and terms of the settlement are confidential.