Defining the Disability Scholarship: Past Winners

Below is information about the previous winners of the Defining the Disability Scholarship. For information on how to apply, visit our scholarship page.

2022 Scholarship Winner: Megan Matthews

Hi!  I am Megan Matthews.  I live in Chester, New Jersey and am a freshman at Lehigh University studying behavioral neuroscience.  I am intrigued by this field due in part to my desire to learn more about what makes us human, but also as a way to help others and cure frontotemporal degeneration (FTD), a terminal brain disease that my dad had.  I believe that it is always possible to turn a negative experience into a way to make a difference in the world around us.

Winning this scholarship has been nothing less than serendipitous.  I am beyond excited to pursue my education and career knowing that it has lifted the burden of affording college by that much more.  It means the world to me and my family that we are able to continue my education and that I can learn more about how to give back to the community.  Thank you truly!