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Medical Malpractice Settlement Against Orthopedic Surgeon

stethoscope and gavel

Following four weeks of trial, Russ Berkowitz and Jennifer Amdur have just resolved a medical malpractice lawsuit against an orthopedic surgeon who failed to timely diagnose and treat our client’s bacterial infection which developed following a sprained ankle she sustained in a restaurant. As a result of the doctor’s negligence, the bacterial infection spread rapidly and destroyed much of our client’s foot and ankle skin tissue. Because of the length of the doctor’s delay in making the diagnosis, our client ultimately went into septic shock, toxic shock syndrome, and her organs were failing. In addition, because her bacterial infection started to progress up her leg, our client had to undergo an emergency amputation of her entire leg in order to prevent the infection from spreading throughout her body which would have taken her life. Our client, a 45 year old mother of four kids, is an inspirational and special person who was an honor to represent.

Thanks go out to Mackenzie Miska for her excellent behind the scenes work on the case. The terms of our client’s settlement are confidential.