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Lawsuit filed against a Northbridge Healthcare Center

hospital bed and other equipment in an empty hospital hallway

Erik Siegel and Kelly Ferraro have filed a lawsuit against a Northbridge Healthcare Center in Bridgeport Superior Court on behalf of the Estate of a client who died following being negligently dropped from a defective Hoyer lift in her room causing our client to violently land on her head and sustain a catastrophic and subsequently fatal brain injury. Following our client’s death, the State Of Connecticut Department of Public Health conducted an investigation of the defendant healthcare facility and determined that the defendant facility had violated a number of state regulations in its use of a poorly maintained Hoyer lift in their transporting of patients, including our client. Most egregious was the fact that both the nurse and nursing assistant who had transported our client from her shower to her bed knew prior to our client’s event that the Hoyer lift had ongoing safety defects and risked our client’s safety anyway.