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Jennifer Amdur and Erik Siegel File Federal Lawsuit Against Veterans Administration Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut

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Jennifer Amdur and Erik Siegel have filed a federal lawsuit against the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut seeking $17,000,000.00 on behalf of a 54 year old client who sustained catastrophic intestinal injuries following a surgeon and radiologist’s misdiagnosis causing him to have to undergo a medically unnecessary removal of a large portion of his bowel and intestines. Following the unnecessary surgery, he sustained a gastrointestinal perforation which went undiagnosed, causing our client’s condition to deteriorate to the extent that he developed sepsis and was forced to undergo an emergent placement of a colostomy. Unfortunately, because of the misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis and treatment of the leak, our client’s condition continued to deteriorate which necessitated him to undergo multiple surgical procedures and he was required to use a colostomy bag for a year. Our client, a veteran, is grossly disfigured and has been rendered totally disabled as a result of the misdiagnosis and unnecessary medical procedures.