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Jennifer Amdur and Erik Siegel Settle Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against the Veterans Administration

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Jennifer Amdur and Erik Siegel have settled a medical malpractice lawsuit against the Veterans Administration on behalf of a 56-year old Veteran who sustained catastrophic gastrointestinal injuries following our client’s surgeon and radiologists’ misdiagnosis of stump appendicitis. The misdiagnosis forced our client to undergo a medically unnecessary surgery which resulted in a large section of his bowel and intestines being removed. Subsequent to the hemicolectomy, our client sustained a colonic perforation and leak which also went undiagnosed causing him to require the use of a colostomy bag for a period of time. Our client’s condition continued to deteriorate over a period of time and he has been left severely disfigured as a result of the numerous surgeries and procedures he underwent. Jennifer and Erik were privileged to represent this client and obtain just compensation for his horrific injuries. With Veterans Day approaching next month, please make sure you all support our country’s veterans.