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Two Connecticut Students Killed In Crash

A van carrying eleven students back to their Connecticut yeshiva crashed near the New York-Connecticut border. Two of the students, Eli Shonbron, 16, and Dani King, 15, were killed as the van rolled down an embankment. The van was headed to a Jewish boarding school in Waterbury. The two students were confirmed dead at the scene of the fatal car accident.

According to the Connecticut State Police report, the van drove off the side of the highway between exits 2 and 3, rolled down an embankment and ran into several trees. Several of the other students were trapped in the van, but were extricated safely. All nine survivors were taken to Danbury Hospital, thought their injuries were not life threatening.

State Police are still investigating the auto accident, and would not comment on whether the accident was caused by human error.

Rabbi Shalom Siegfried, vice president of Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel, confirmed that the crash involved students of the boarding school. Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel consists of 400 students from kindergarten through graduate studies, attracting students from around the world.

The driver of the van,  Elimelech Sperling, 21, was a youth counselor at the yeshiva, though Siegfried made it clear that the van was not owned by the school. Siegfried says the students had been in New York for the weekend, visiting friends and relatives.

(Source: The Jewish Daily)

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