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Trumbull Man Dies After Stun Gun Submission

Trumbull resident Ronald Cristiano, 51, died Nov. 13, 2011, after being subdued at least three times with a stun gun by Bridgeport police.

Two Bridgeport police officers were summoned to 98 Wilkens Ave. at 10:30 a.m., Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011, by American Medical Response technicians. Trumbull was naked at the time. Two technicians were trying to subdue Trumbull in order to get him into their ambulance.

When Trumbull resisted, the technicians called police. Officers Victor Rodriguez and Minerva Feliciano arrived at the scene and when Trumbull resisted efforts by the police officers to help him into the ambulance, he was hit at least three times by a stun gun.

Police later said he was resisting their efforts and acting erratically. Cristiano may have been under the influence of drugs, police suggested. When the man attempted to attack one of the medical technicians, the police officers used their stun gun.

Cristiano went into cardiac arrest and died shortly afterward.

“Both Officers Rodriguez and Feliciano acted properly and in accordance with our policies regarding the use of electronic control devices to gain compliance from uncooperative and/or combative subjects,” said Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr.

The State’s Attorney’s Office will manage an investigation, requested by the Bridgeport Police Department.

The incident was the second time that weekend that Bridgeport police subdued subjects with stun guns. Police broke up a fight in front of a Main Street bar early Saturday morning and stunned a 24-year-old man participating in the violence. The man was treated at St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

Source: CT Post

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