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Connecticut Transit Bus Rolls Off Tow Truck

An unlucky bus in Plainville, Ct. was involved in two automobile accidents in less than two hours a few days ago.

The Connecticut Transit bus was cut off by an SUV driver making a right turn in front of the bus. The bus rear-ended the SUV. The driver and four passengers were taken to the hospital for personal injuries.

Then just minutes later, the bus was on a tow truck carrying it from the accident scene when it fell off of the tow truck, rolled down Wofford Street and crashed into several cars. The bus rolled over the wheel chocks, travelled down a hill westbound on Woodford Avenue and hit a Chevy pickup truck. Then the pickup hit a Volvo SUV. The drivers of the latter two vehicles were taken to the hospital for treatment, but seemed to have non-life-threatening injuries.

David Pizzo, from Middletown, failed to set the brakes before walking away from the bus which was on top of the tow truck. Pizzo, a supervisor for New Britain Transportation, was cited.

The driver of the first SUV making the illegal right turn was cited also. Joann Dean, of Beacon Falls, turned into the path of the bus before it struck her SUV. She was unhurt.


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