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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Reviews Wrongful Death Claim in California

Recently, the Modesto Bee newspaper reported on wrongful death claims filed by the parents of a five-year-old boy who died after being hit by an oncoming bus near his elementary school. On the day of the incident, after school had ended, the boy was said to have been crossing a busy, two-lane street by himself. He was going to meet his mother on the other side. Berkowitz and Hanna LLC is very aware of the often devastating results of motor vehicle accidents, particularly when they result in the death of a young child.

The boy’s parents have filed separate claims against Modesto and Modesto City Schools (they are being represented by separate attorneys). Among other points, the claims state that the school officials had allowed the boy to cross the street. With regard to the city of Modesto, the suits blame the city for having a bus route on a residential street.

Wrongful death cases are brought when a party is completely or partially responsible for a person’s death due to negligence or recklessness. The claims in the Modesto case allege a variety of negligent actions, including an allegation that the Modesto City Schools are at fault for allegedly letting the boy cross a busy street alone. As a firm that specializes in wrongful death cases, Berkowitz and Hanna LLC will follow future news about this case.

Note: Berkowitz and Hanna LLC did not represent any of the parties in this case.

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