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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Examines Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against School

The Northeast Ohio Media Group reported on a case involving an Ohio middle school student who took his life in 2012. The boy’s father filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Medina City School District, the Medina City Schools Board of Education, and a school counselor.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff argued that his son’s death could have been prevented “if the high school counselor had warned him that [his son] would be suicidal.” Previously, there was an incident in which the counselor contacted the father after noticing that the boy had physically hurt himself. The father allegedly asked the counselor to contact him again if any future related incidents involving his son occurred. The plaintiff alleges that the counselor did hear of another concern about the boy—from another parent—but never told this news to the boy’s father.

The lawsuit also argues that both the school district and school board did not properly train their employees in how to respond to students who might harm themselves. The school district’s attorney filed a motion to have the case dismissed, but it was denied.

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC, which is involved in wrongful death cases across Connecticut, will be following this Ohio case.

Note: Berkowitz and Hanna LLC did not represent any of the parties in this case.

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