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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Continues to Follow High School Football Fatalities

High School Football Players

Legal experts at Berkowitz and Hanna LLC have been following a number of lawsuits involving high school football fatalities, which fall under the category of wrongful death. Wrongful death refers to when a person or parties’ negligent or reckless behavior has resulted in the death of another individual.

Football fatalities on high school and even college levels have been getting much public scrutiny, particularly in terms of personal safety. A 2013 article by The American Journal of Sports Medicine cited high school and college football having approximately 12 fatalities happen each year.

Previously Berkowitz and Hanna LLC highlighted lawsuits relating to high school football fatalities in South Carolina and on Long Island. Another similar lawsuit in Westfield, New York has been reported. According to The Bradford Era, the parents of a high school football player — who died of a brain injury three days after collapsing on the field — have filed a suit against Weston and Brocton school districts (which run a combined football program) and other entities.

This suit lists many allegations. Among them, the plaintiffs are said to not have had appropriate medical personnel on hand and that an ambulance was not permitted to drive onto the field.

In both a professional and personal manner, Berkowitz and Hanna LLC will continue to follow these cases.

Note: Berkowitz and Hanna LLC did not represent any of the parties in these lawsuits.

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