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Testosterone Prescriptions on the Rise, Despite Heart Risks

According to an article published by Kaiser Health News, the number of prescriptions for testosterone therapy continues to rise, despite the risks of heart attack, stroke and death. In fact, according to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine, prescriptions for low-T have more than tripled on the last decade.

The reason for the rapid increase in testosterone prescriptions is the number of “low-T” clinics that have sprouted up across U.S. cities and suburbs. The problem with these clinics, however, is that unlike most doctors’ offices, they aren’t in the business of treating the underlying problems that are causing symptoms of low-T. Instead, they are in the business of making money off the testosterone therapy craze.

But, some men who are given testosterone therapy to combat symptoms of low-T, including decreased sex drive, low energy and decreased muscle mass have other conditions that should be treated, including sleep apnea, depression and heart disease.

And, the even bigger problem is that, according to new studies, testosterone therapy may put men at risk for heart problems such as heart attack, stroke and death. One recent study in particular found that men who used testosterone therapy have twice the risk for heart attack, particularly older men and younger men with a history of heart disease.

But, despite these risks, low-T clinics around the country are still busting at the scenes with men who have seen ads for testosterone therapy and believe it is just what they need to get their sex drive, energy and youthful physique back.

While testosterone may help these men with their symptoms, the long term risks of testosterone aren’t really known. The FDA will be reassessing the risks associated with testosterone, but in the meantime millions of men may be at risk.

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