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Swimming Pool Maker Found Guilty in Boy’s Death

The president of a swimming pool company in Stamford, Connecticut pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide, because a six-year-old’s arm got stuck in a pool drain and died. The company should have had a protective device over the powerful pump drain to prevent such a mishap, prosecutors charged.

David Lionetti, who pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter, said he was unaware of a 2004 law that required swimming pools to have such as device. His sentence, a misdemeanor, was arrived at under an agreement that spared him prison time.

Shoreline Pools, Mr. Lionetti’s company, is required to pay $150,000 for water safety advertisements, under the agreement. The six-year-old was Zachary Cohen, who died in 2007 in the Greenwich, Connecticut, accident.

Product liability lawsuits can be brought against any person or company responsible in the chain of manufacturing and distribution that brings a product to the market. The lawsuit can hold liable the company that makes the product and the company’s owner, through other manufacturers who contribute to making the product, down through wholesalers and retailers.

In the case of Zachary Cohen, the swimming pool manufacturer was held responsible for the child’s injuries and death.

Personal injury lawsuits cover all types of mishaps, including car crashes, medical negligence and malpractice, slip and fall injuries, industrial accidents, and product liability such as design defects and misleading marketing.

Medical negligence is one of the largest areas of personal injury practice. There are so many persons and institutions involved in medical care, the potential for the injured party to bring a lawsuit are many.

Trauma caused by a fight or gunshot wound can be the subject of a lawsuit brought against the aggressor by the injured party.

Slip and fall accidents resulting in injury, such as fall on a wet floor in a grocery store caused by spillage, are the subjects of many of our lawsuits also.

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