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St. Francis Hospital Faces 90 Lawsuits because of Former Employee

St. Francis Hospital faces more than 90 lawsuits filed by former patients who claim George Reardon, the hospital’s former head of endocrinology, committed acts of child abuse while working for the hospital. Reardon, who died in 1998, allegedly lured young children into his office, sexually assaulted them and had them pose for child pornography photos.

Apparently, Reardon said he was conducting a growth study, which allowed him to get the children into his office without a chaperone. The suits claim that St. Francis Hospital acted negligently because no one asked about the results of the so-called study being conducted by Reardon. Nothing was ever published or documented. But, a library of child pornography photos was found in Reardon’s former Hartford house in 2007.

The hospital faced the first of many lawsuits on April 5, 2011 in the Waterbury Superior Court. According to the Hartford Courant, the hospital claimed ignorance and said it was unaware of what Reardon was doing all those years. The hospital’s attorney reportedly told jurors they should direct their anger towards Reardon, not the hospital.

The 90-some lawsuits seek damages for the pain and suffering the children were forced to endure. Critics say the hospital should do something to show it cares about the abused patients rather than just play ignorant.

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