medical malpractice

Russ Berkowitz has filed a wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuit in Danbury Superior Court against Connecticut Childbirth and Birthing Center on behalf of the parents of a baby girl who died at Danbury Hospital of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy after a midwife who worked for the defendant birthing center failed to timely diagnose that our client was in preterm labor with her twins, despite mom’s repeated complaints of symptoms associated with preterm labor over the course of two days prior to her daughter’s death.

According to Berkowitz, “our client’s repeated preterm labor complaints to her midwife provider over the course of two days were dismissed by her as nothing more than false labor and the negligent advise she received from said midwife ultimately lead to our client’s death at birth.” Berkowitz said that “this is the second malpractice lawsuit in 2018 that his firm has filed against this midwife birthing center as a result of a baby dying at birth.”

Our client is survived by her mom, dad, and healthy twin sister.