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Pit Bull Mauls Man in South Norwalk

The Stamford Advocate reports that a 60-year-old man was mauled by a pit bull in South Norwalk Monday evening. The man was on the sidewalk at 2 Hanford Place about 6 p.m. when the dog attacked him and bit his ankle. According to police, when they arrived the man was bleeding profusely, with puncture wounds on his left leg and arm. His ankle had been bitten to the bone.

To escape from the dog, the man leapt over the fence at 2 Hanford Place with the dog still attached. Two women who were sitting on the porch tried to repel the dog by hitting it with a variety of objects, but to no avail.

The first Taser shot at the dog produced no effect as the animal continued to bite the man’s ankle. A second shot also was useless at getting the dog to release its grip. The dog, reportedly, fell to the ground after being shot with the Taser for a third time. He then got up and continued biting the man. Finally, after a fourth Taser shot the dog let go and ran away.

The white and tan female pit bull, owned by Nicole Hoyt of 5 Hanford Place, was scheduled to be euthanized Tuesday, according to police.  They charged Hoyt with owning a dog to create a nuisance and allowing a dog to roam.

The dog, Samantha, also bit its owner in early July, and police were called to the home, according to reports.

In early May, a man who stabbed Samantha was charged with cruelty to animals. He told police at the time the dog charged him while he and the dog’s owner were arguing.

The man bitten yesterday was aided by police when they arrived at the scene. Police put pressure on the wound before medics arrived. The victim was taken to Norwalk Hospital where he is being treated for his injuries.

Hoyt, 33, in addition to being charged with owning a dog to create a nuisance, also must pay a $150 fine. Her court date is set for August 17.


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