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Pedestrian in Critical Condition after Being Struck by Car

An unidentified pedestrian who was struck by a car while crossing the street at the intersection of Goffe and Sperry at about 12.02 p.m., Friday, remains hospitalized in critical condition. The man did not have identification.

Officers Juan Monzon and Nikki Curry were walking their beat near Foote Street on Dixwell Avenue when they got a call directing them to the scene of the auto accident. When they arrived, they saw firefighters and Emergency Medical Services personnel helping the fallen man.

The driver of the car, Ian Phiri, 23, of Hamden reportedly told the police officers that while he was driving his 1997 Nissan Maxima on Goffe Street, the man walked in front of his car. Phiri pulled his car over on Whalley Avenue and called 911.

Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services workers helped the stricken man and drove him to the hospital.

Police officer Dennis Mastriano gave Phiri standard field sobriety tests, which he failed. Phiri, according to police, had a strong smell of alcohol on his breath. He took a breathalyzer test at police headquarters, where his blood alcohol content measured .123. The legal limit for driving under the influence (dui) is .08.

Police jailed Phiri, charging him with second-degree assault with a motor vehicle and DUI.

The injured man had internal injuries of a lacerated liver and bladder, and broken legs, police reported.


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