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Nurse Throws Away Living Donor’s Kidney During Transplant

A recent news story by the Associated Press brings up the issue of just how critical medical mistakes can be. According to the article, a nurse at the University of Toledo Medical Center accidentally threw a living donor’s kidney in the trash during a transplant. The recipient was a woman who was supposed to receive a kidney from her brother.

According to the article, the nurse claims that she was on break when the surgeon told everyone that the kidney was in a sterile, semi frozen solution. It is still uncertain how she made it past several other medical staff members carrying a 13 gallon bag of slush that was extending the viability of the kidney.

According to a report released by health officials, the incident was a result of hospital negligence. The hospital “failed to provide adequate supervision and communication resulting in a donor’s kidney being carried out of the operating room, down a hall, into a dirty utility room, and flushed down a hopper,” the report said.

The article didn’t report on the status of the patient and her brother who donated his kidney.

Source: MSN

This incident illustrates how important communication is among hospital employees. One mistake can cost a person his or her life. The medical malpractice lawyers at Berkowitz and Hanna LLC represent individuals and families harmed by medical negligence and serve as advocates for these patients.

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