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Russ Berkowitz and Kelly Ferraro Receive Monetary Rewards on Behalf of Several Retired NFL Football Players in Brain Concussion Class Action Lawsuits


Berkowitz Hanna currently represents hundreds of retired NFL football players in the NFL Brain Concussion Lawsuit that is pending in the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia. To date, they have received significant monetary rewards, ranging in the millions, on behalf of several former football players who sustained permanent brain injuries as a result of their time playing in the NFL: 


July 13th, 2017: Berkowitz Hanna was pleased to announce that the Claims Commission overseeing the settlement of the class action notified them that one of their clients received the first monetary award in the NFL Brain Concussion Class Action Lawsuit for the players they represent.


March 21, 2018: Russ Berkowitz and Kelly Ferraro received another monetary award on behalf of a retired NFL player. Their client, a running back who played in the NFL back in the 1990’s, suffers from permanent and progressive cognitive, emotional, and behavioral impairments as a result of repeated head trauma sustained over the course of his football career.


May 14, 2018: Kelly Ferraro received yet another monetary award on behalf of her client – a former NFL player who played in the 1970’s. He sustained a severe progressive brain injury that has affected his daily living as a result of repeated head trauma over the course of his career as a defensive tackle and defensive end with the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 


July 16, 2018: Russ Berkowitz and Kelly Ferraro were awarded $2 million dollars on behalf of their client, a 48-year-old retired NFL football player. He was a highly successful offensive tackle who played for five NFL teams over the course of his career. However, due to the numerous brain concussions he sustained over the span of his football career, he has been left with severe cognitive impairment that significantly affects his daily living and will sadly progress even more over time.


According to Russ Berkowitz, “this historic [$2 million dollar] award, and the many other player awards we expect to follow, represents the National Football League’s acknowledgment of their longstanding fraudulent concealment of the serious medical effects of brain concussions sustained during professional football games.” 


The thousands of retired players, who now unfortunately live with permanent and debilitating cognitive impairments – such as Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and ALS – will finally receive the compensation they deserve and the assistance they need as they try to manage their lives despite their significant disabilities.


Updated July 3, 2019