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The Berkowitz and Hanna LLC Law Firm Follows Medical Fraud Lawsuit Against Baptist Health And Neurologist

berkowitz law medical malpracticeOne example of medical malpractice is misdiagnosis, which often involves a disease or condition that is not identified or not immediately treated. And, in some cases, Berkowitz and Hanna LLC has found that patients may instead be diagnosed with the wrong condition altogether.

An interesting example of this is a recent Florida lawsuit filed by a woman against a neurologist and Baptist Health. According to a News4Jax article, plaintiff Jennifer Prevatt is claiming that Dr. Sean Orr told her she had multiple sclerosis (MS), even though she did not have the disease, and that Baptist Health tried to cover up the misdiagnosis. The news station also reports that this lawsuit follows a settlement against the hospital by the federal government made last year after they found numerous misdiagnoses by two doctors for medically unnecessary services and drugs. Dr. Orr was involved in this settlement.

In her lawsuit, Prevatt stated that every medical test she received came back negative, but Dr. Orr insisted that she had MS. Prevatt also explained that the doctor put her through “painful and expensive treatments” along with giving her high-cost medications. Baptist Health released a statement denying that there was any cover-up or fraud committed.

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC provides legal counsel on misdiagnosis-related cases in Connecticut.

Please note: We do not represent any of the parties in this case. 

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