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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Appreciates CT Center For Patient Safety

When ill or injured people seek medical attention, the ultimate goal is heal and recover. Unfortunately, sometimes visiting a hospital or doctor can actually put the patient’s safety at risk. That’s where the Connecticut Center for Patient Safety comes in.  The group, which Berkowitz and Hanna LLC supports wholeheartedly, works to promote patient safety, protect the rights of patients and improve the quality of health care … things that are good for everyone in the system.

Through safety campaigns, education and even legislative policy work, the organization promotes patient safety. Its goal is to help patients avoid events like medication errors, medical malpractice and health care acquired infections. This makes the Connecticut Center for Patient Safety a valuable resource for many in the community.

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC recognizes that medical mistakes do occur. But with the efforts of organizations like the Connecticut Center for Patient Safety, that number can decrease, making the medical landscape a safer place for all patients to navigate.

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