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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC announces that Kelly Ferraro has passed the Connecticut Bar Examination

Kelly FerraroKelly Ferraro Joining Berkowitz and Hanna LLC

We are very pleased to announce that Kelly Ferraro has passed the Connecticut Bar Examination and will be practicing as an attorney for the firm as soon as she is sworn in within the next couple of weeks.

Kelly graduated from Pace University Law School in May of 2016 after working as a paralegal for the firm between 2010-2014. While a paralegal, Kelly was instrumental in the success of some of our largest verdicts and settlements. While in law school, Kelly continued to work for the firm part-time and will co-counsel on some of our most complex medical malpractice cases. Kelly is also actively involved in our representation of many retired football players in the NFL brain concussion class action pending in the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia and she is part of our investigative team on behalf of former hockey players regarding the NHL brain concussion class

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