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Three New Haven Firefighters Injured During Rescue

Three New Haven firefighters were injured during a dangerous rescue attempt of a woman stranded on the face of East Rock. The most seriously injured of the firemen had a compound fracture of the ankle, while all three were taken to the hospital.

The subject of the rescue, a female Yale student, was brought down safely and appeared to be uninjured. However, police charged the woman and a male companion with reckless endangerment and with violating the ordinance which bans making the treacherous rock climb. The male companion had succeeded in climbing down on his own and did not require rescue.

The couple had apparently been attempting to free climb up from the base until she got stuck. The Fire Department was called by the male companion, who stated that the woman was stuck on the cliff face. She was found approximately 100 vertical feet from the base.

In response, crews were stationed at the top of the rock, while two firemen were lowered by rope, and two others made their way up from below. Fire Lt. Jay Schwartz was one of those ascending the steep incline, when the woman said she couldn’t hold on any longer. He attempted to quickly reach her, but slid more than 70 feet back down the face, breaking his ankle.

The second of the injured firemen was hit by a falling rock, The third was one of those rappelling down the face, and was hospitalized as a precaution after he had been hanging on the rope for over 45 minutes. Schwartz’s injury was described as “severe” and he underwent surgery the same evening.

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