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Hurricane Sandy Is No Joke Says Governor Daniel Malloy

Hurricane Sandy could be the worst hurricane the state of Connecticut has ever seen said Governor Daniel Malloy. “This is not a joke. This is a real warning,” he told NBC Connecticut. “We could be talking about the difference between life or death…If you’ve been evacuated, you need to do it now.”

The state is taking steps to deal with what Malloy anticipates as “the largest threat to human life our state has experienced in anyone’s lifetime.”

An extra 1,000 linemen from across the country helped Connecticut Light & Power on Sunday. It was anticipated that the storm would darken the homes and businesses of 600,000 and take out large substations in Stamford and Branford.

Sandbagging and installing pumping operations also were being undertaken, according to CL&P’s Bill Quinlan.

The governor told Connecticut residents they should brace for catastrophic damage and said he wanted everyone to be prepared.  He telephoned President Barack Obama to ask for federal help because Sandy showed no signs of stopping.

The President approved the emergency pronouncement on Sunday evening.

Making other hurricane news on the east coast, the giant storm had already denuded beaches, land and homeowners’ foundations on Topsail Island in Pender County, N.C.

NBC Connecticut

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