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Hartford Hit and Run Injures Pedestrians

An Aug. 26, 2011 hit and run crash that left four pedestrians injured involved a car which was falsely reported stolen after the crash, according to police. The car struck four people pedestrians around 1 a.m. in downtown Hartford. No charges have been filed for the hit-and-run, though the owner of the vehicle,  Irving Barreto, and his friend, Glenn McFadden, have been charged with providing a false statement and interfering with police.

Barreto, 26, and McFadden, 29, were both released from custody on promises to appear in Superior Court at a later date. They have told police they lied about the car being stolen to cover for Barreto’s brother, whom they believed had crashed it into a pole at the corner of Ann Street and Asylum Avenue. According to the police report, neither man mentioned the four people who were struck at that same intersection.

Witnesses to the accident gave police the license plate number and a description of the Toyota Camry that hit the pedestrians. While police were in the process of investigating the crash, the same vehicle was reported as stolen by Barreto.

Barreto and McFadden told police they parked the car and went into a bar, and when they came out, the car was gone. After the accident, a witness flagged down police officers who were in the area, and reported the hit-and-run. When officers arrived, two of the pedestrians were lying on the sidewalk with serious injuries, but they were alert and conscious. Firefighters and paramedics also responded to the scene to provide medical attention.

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